Case Study – Web Industries

Case Study – Web Industries

If Bob Fulton had a motto, it would be “The essence of life is relationships.”

Our relationship with Bob Fulton began in 1968 when he approached Charlie Murphy because he was starting a new business. As an accountant, Charlie understood the financial pitfalls of entrepreneurship, but he respected Bob’s enthusiasm and offered to help.

Today, Web Industries is a national company with manufacturing facilities in several states. Through over four decades of growth and the transfer of leadership from Bob to his employees through an ESOP, Web has maintained its relationship with our firm. We continue to provide accounting, tax and audit services, and we assist in due diligence proceedings as Web grows through mergers and acquisitions. It is a legacy that has taken us beyond our duties as the company’s CPA firm to becoming a trusted corporate advisor.

With Web in good hands, Bob formed other relationships, particularly in Eastern European countries where he helps fledgling start-ups. Our team continues to serve as his tax advisors and sounding board, and we continue to provide personal accounting and trust services for Bob and his family.

Once one of our smallest clients, today Web Industries is our largest and we are proud to have grown with it. It is indeed the essence of a successful relationship.