Charles “Charlie” Murphy founded the Firm in Framingham, MA as a sole practitioner in 1964, and strategically partnered with other CPAs during his leadership of nearly 50 years. He established a reputation for providing his clients with impeccable financial service and a personal touch that was unique in the industry. Charlie believed that helping his clients develop their businesses was essential to solidifying a long-term relationship and, as a result, the Firm has grown to be the successful full-service accounting firm that it is today. In 2004, Charlie began to consider his retirement strategies, with the support of Diana Edwards, Michelle Goncalves and Jennifer Ferrera. With a shared vision for continued success, the four of them formed a new partnership.

After relocating to Southborough, MA, Charlie began his exit strategy, which involved sharing his philosophies regarding client service and the firm’s core value of fostering a special synergy with clients, as well as the bittersweet task of slowly relinquishing his clients to his protégées.

In 2010, Charlie retired from the firm, and is currently enjoying his children and grandchildren. His legacy lives on in MEGF’s core philosophy of nurturing client relationships. Many of the firm’s current clients are children – and even grandchildren – of Charlie’s original clients. While not an active partner, Charlie still stays connected with the partners and their clients, often going to meetings and serving in an advisory role. Charlie Murphy is an integral part of the fabric that continues to make Murphy, Edwards, Goncalves & Ferrera, PC a client-focused regional CPA firm.